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Re: Engine Rocking??

 -=> Quoting Scottycboy <=-

 Sc> Got a problem, at max boost (1.8 Bar) and good traction the engine in
 Sc> my 5ktq moves back far enough for the exhaust pipe to hit the "mystery
 Sc> bar" underneath the driver's and passenger's foot well.  I just

     I don't know if you're referring to the same type of
     support bar (LOTS of 10mm bolts?) that's on the V8Q.
     If it is, when I changed the tranny fluid and filter
     on the V8Q (have to drop the front exhaust) the
     exhaust was hitting this bar under the same conditions
     as you describe.  I removed and reinstalled the exhaust
     several times, (easy with new bolts) thinking it might be
     alignment, but the problem persisted.  I removed the
     crossbar, and where there were rub marks on the
     "mystery bar" I indented them a little bit by using
     two ball peen hammers, putting the peen part on the bar
     and striking one hammer with the other.  Put the
     bar back on and everything is back to perfect.


___ Blue Wave/386 v2.30