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Re: '89 200 TQ parts prices???

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From: Tom Nas <tnas@euronet.nl>

>>>From the 1989 200 TQ - Pearl White: Accident and fire
>There's one thing to look out for when dismantling a burnt-out car, which
>I've never seen mentioned on the list. It was mentioned in a TV programme
>years ago, and I can't remember exactly, but-
>**Wear rubber gloves when handling fire-damaged parts!!!**
>Apparently, several components used in cars give off toxic substances when
>burnt, which can penetrate the skin and cause blood poisoning and other
>nasties. Not all components do this, but the risk is there and there's no
>use taking chances with your health...

The culprit is some type of plastic - I cant remember its name - it doesn't
have to be burnt, just exposed to temperatures high enough to melt it. The
toxic substance enters through the skin and the last time I heard the only
treatment is amputation of the limb.
 Very scary.

Jim Haseltine