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RE: brake fluid resevoir screen removal

Use a needle nose pliers to get it out, it's not easy but it will come out,
Also best to remove the plastic reservoir from the master cylinder and clean
it before you put new brake fluid in,

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> Subject: brake fluid resevoir screen removal
> How does one get that !@#$ screen out?  I can't get it out.  I've tried
> screwdrivers on both sides to pry it out, and that didn't work.  It's
> getting very annoying because I want to siphon out the resevoir and put in
> new brake fluid(a temp "flush" until I get the new bleeder screws.)  I'm
> very much afraid that I'm going to break the thing trying to get it out.
> Extra bonus round points if someone can tell me how to get the one off the
> hydraulic fluid!
> Help!
> Brett
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