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Re: cooling + ac output

Redline makes a water wetter.  It's a surfactant and reduces the surface
tension of the water - allowing a closer contact between the water and
metal.  Contains silicates so it's (supposedly) safer for Aluminum.
Coolant has 1/4 of the heat transfer capability of water.  My BIL says this
stuff really works but I've never used it.

As for octane, you can use lower octane in the winter.  How much lower, I
don't know.  Summer has its own problems reformulated gases, oxygenation,
etc.  Find the Gasoline FAQ and read up.....

At 07:37 PM 7/3/1998 , you wrote:
>I saw some generic 'water wetter' in the local auto parts store; advertised
>to keep temps down 20-40 degrees (C?) in trucks and RV's when going up big
>hills, or hauling big loads, towing.. etc. 
>I didn't buy it, it was $25 for a can, and am thinking money better spent
>on real water wetter.


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