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RE: Home made pressure bleeder? Help

I don't think your idea is going to work very well (I did not try it
personally though), do you have a way of getting an air compressor?
If you do, the best way to do it is to pressurize the master cylinder (via a
modified cap with an air nipple on it)up to 50 PSI (the Bentley allows for
app 40+PSI). You can also do it the old fashion way (pump with an
assistance) but it does not work very well. The best way is with air
pressure (just did it last weekend). The pedal is very firm now, no slack

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> Happy 4th of July Q guys! I am in a little bit of trouble,
> because I have a
> rough time bleeding the clutch system. I put a new mc and sc in yesterday
> and got it to work very nice! But through out the day it started acting up
> again. I think I need to bleed it again, oh no!!  In the Bentley they talk
> about a pressure bleeder. Could I make one with a little hose, canning jar
> and vacuum cleaner? I would connect the hose on the bleeder valve at the
> slave, I run the hose through a hole in the lid of the jar, make a
> reasonable seal around it, poke another hole in the lid and put the vacuum
> nozzle over it.Would this work or am I thinking wrong? Time is of the
> essence for me and family! Thanks, Martin