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Re: yikes! melted/charred rad. fan connector!

   > down the street, I notice my water temp is higher than it's
   > ever been.  One space away from H!
   > I shut it down and inspect all the fuses that appear to be for
   > the fan.  All are OK, so I pull the boot off the back of the
   > wires going to the fan motor.  I find that the ground wire is
   > rather cooked and frail.

   In my case, the fuse is damn hot and is the culprit - or its connection
   to the fuse box, or some such irritant.

I raised a small blister once, touching My UrQ rad fan fuse...Grrr!!!

Dunno how much this all applies to your vehicles, but here's some BTDT
from my UrQ experience:


It doesn't directly address the rad fan connector itself...but upstream

Good Luck!