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RE: 5K fan fuse, UPS problem, Audi goddess


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> Subject: 5K fan fuse, UPS problem, Audi goddess
> >>already is a relay, so I don't have to add one of those?
> >
> >Get parts for the 5k.  88 and up models had an inline fusable link that
> >attaches to the body of the car right just a tad back from the coolant
> >resevoir, next to the brake stuff.  The link is designed to melt
> if the fan
> >seizes; this is because there is NO fuse between the fan and the battery.
> >If the fan seizes, it will melt the harness and/or start a fire.
> >
> >However, this fuse goes on the GROUND side of things.  NOT the hot side.
> >Still, it's better than nothing.
> >
> >Brett
> >
> Went to Skycraft surplus in Orlando, bought three 80 amp
> cartridge fuses at
> a whole $1.50 each, made a small bracket, put one fuse in line with hot
> side of radiator fan on my 86 5Ks - I suppose I could go super-high tech
> and add an LED and resistor across the fuse so if the fuse blows, the LED
> lights up (or have I been reading too many Audi wiring diagrams lately?).
> Two spare fuses riding in the trunk . . .
> Made a trade with another lister - Audi parts for stereo equipment -
> unfortunately, one of the loudspeakers arrived damaged, so now we
> are going
> round and round with UPS - speakers were packed carefully, but to
> no avail.
> Just FYI, here is the procedure for filing a UPS damage claim:
> 1) Recipient calls sender "Stuff arrived damaged!"
> 2) Sender calls local UPS center, makes damage claim. IMPORTANT: Advise
> recipient to keep ALL packing materials, etc.! This is important! UPS will
> send a rep to look over the damage, promises within 48 hours.
> 3) UPS sends paperwork to sender, sender fills it out, sends it
> back to UPS.
> 4) UPS pays claim within two weeks, sends check to SENDER of merchandise.
> The idea is that the sender will ship another replacement item. In this
> case, this is not new, in-stock merchandise, so I'm going to send the
> entire check to the other guy.
> Note: UPS insures all packages for $100 automatically. As we well know,
> $100 doesn't go very far with Audi parts, so if you are shipping anything
> expensive and fragile LIKE EUROLIGHTS (hint hint!!!), pack them well and
> insure them for full value at 35 cents per $100 of value - don't be cheap
> -DO IT!!!
> Last item: On this list, we have "Audi Gods" and Audi Gurus". I hereby
> nominate Dee as our first "Audi Goddess". All in favor say aye . . .
> Best Regards,
> Mike Arman