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GS27- not an endorsement and all that other stuff

I seem to remember a while back, someone asked about this stuff GS27 scratch
remover. At the time, I had just ordered some (you can't let me watch those 
info-mercials). Anyway, I recently tried it on my car. On the sratches I
expected it to remove, it failed. On other scatches, that I expected it to
fail, it worked! Amazing. Also, there were some speckles on the trunk and
along the back where I thought the paint was chipped off down to the primer. I
don't know why I tried it there but it turned out that the little grey areas
were on the surface not IN the surface and the stuff took all of those off,
clean as a whistle. All things considered Baby has far less imperfections to
mar her perfect beauty as a result of GS27 ; )

Of course I have enough of this stuff to last two lifetimes, if only I could
think of something else to use it for..

95A6q pearl