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20vt Oil Leak

I parked the '91 200 with the nose slightly elevated in a driveway
yesterday and moments later saw a 6" wide spot of oil under it. Not
good. I crawled under there and there was oil all down the drivers side
of the pan more towards the front. Some of the oil had blown back onto
the exhaust. When idling it didn't seem to be leaking. I'm thinking that
it has a leak in a place that allows the oil to accumulate externally
and when the car tilted up in the driveway, the oil ran off quickly.
Could it be as "simple" as a pan gasket or might I be looking at a front
seal or oil pump? I am having a hard time seeing under there. Any
suggestions for a diagnostic procedure? 
'91 200 tq
I finally wash and detail it and look what I get for my efforts.