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Re: 85 Coupe GT wheels

> > "Black gunk" is a very alarming sign.............could be grease leaking
> > from your CV boots............check your CV boots REAL close to see if you
> > have a slit or a tear on the boot, DON'T DELAY!!!!!!!!!!
> Don't you think that's a little alarmist? I've been driving my Coupe for a year
> or so (except when I'm driving the quattro) with a CV joint with a boot that
> is basically gone. It's not clicking yet, and when it goes, it's ok, this is
> just about the easiet CV joint to replace of any car I've ever worked on.

I think his warning was very appropriate.  Boots are a *lot* cheaper
than CV joints.  an ounce of prevention and all that

Huw Powell