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Re: 80's same as 4k?

CelticWolf@aol.com writes:
> Howdy all... I'm looking to possibly purchase a Quattro in the next week or
> so, and have found many in the local want-ads. There are several "80"'s
> available, but I haven't a clue as to what these look like. Are they the same
> as the 4000's? (I know that in Europe they call the 4k's 80's, but I wasn't
> sure if they just dropped the 4k badging stateside in the late 1980's and
> switched to "80"). I like the looks of the 90's, but I'm not able to afford
> them. Are the 80's similiar in appearance? ie, are they less boxy than the 4k
> and 5k's?

You're right about the 4000 being the same as the 80 in places other
than North America.  But note that There was a body-style change to the
rounder style in 1988 and with that, the name also changed to 80 and 90 in
North America.  The later 80 is the cheaper model, the 90 more upmarket,
but they both share the same body.

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