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Re: [gti-vr6] Waterfest Report

Hey, just a quick note- it was great adding some faces to everyone- had a
great time talking with a few of you (meaning, I wish I had more time to chat
with ALL of the listers), and the quotes for some of you will be tomorrow.  I
wish we had more time to get to know each other, so maybe they'll be another
NE (E?) get together (maybe a little farther south, to encourage the
Well, I've got some things to do, but even though I was only there a few hours
to conduct some business, I had a great time.

Oh, on the way home, I hooked up with a LOWERED Rabbit, a 16V S2 (which was
very slow on the hills.... hmmmm), and a modded 16V Golf GTi, all from
Cananda.  They were passing Binghamton (my stop) at 7PM.... ugh for them!  We
had fun and the obligatory thumbs up (3 times!)  ;-)

Mark Rosenkrantz (who NOW wants some watermelon..... lol)