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RE: Thank you & introduction

We are here, don't hesitate to ask..........

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> Sent: Sunday, July 05, 1998 1:24 PM
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> Subject: Thank you & introduction
> Thank you to everyone that responded to my questions about a/c
> and ABS on my
> 5ksq.  Honestly, I was very pleasantly surprised by not only the
> promptness
> of replies, but the genuine interest in helping a fellow Audi owner.  I
> recently subscribed to the list, though I have searched the archives a few
> times in the past.
> For the record, I purchased a white '88 5000s quattro not too long ago.  I
> paid a bit above Blue Book, but feel it was money well spent.  We needed a
> second car that could haul two baby car seats in the back and would be
> excellent in Northwest snow and ice.  We also have a '94 Jetta GLS (hers)
> and a '74 VW Superbeetle (mine).  Despite everyone's warnings
> about ungodly
> repair costs, I have always wanted a quattro.  I was shocked when my wife
> suggested I look for my dream Audi during our second-car search.
> The search
> was incredibly tough.  Every car dealer (Audi or not) said that
> any used car
> I would find (if I could find one at all) would be a nightmare because no
> Audi owner with a well-functioning car would ever part with it.  The paper
> and the local AutoTrader didn't make me optimistic, either.  The
> 5ksq (100k
> mi.) I lucked into was owned by a woman who kept obsessive records (even
> clipped the flap from every oil filter box).  The interior is pristine and
> the mechanical records include everything from first bill of sale (dealer
> demo) to every snow tire change and bulb receipt.
> I am by no means (auto) mechanically inclined.  I can fix a computer, but
> couldn't change a spark plug to save my life.  Over the past few months, a
> few little problems have cropped up.  Though I will search the archives
> first, I'm sure I'll have some bonehead questions (like "My shocks are
> starting to squeak when the weather gets warm.  What's up?").  Please bear
> with me.  Perhaps, in time, I will be able to repay your generous
> assistance.  Thank you.
> - Andrejs Zommers