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4kq vaccum (what should it be)

In message <Pine.HPP.3.96.980706012453.11783E-100000@raven.csrv.uidaho.edu> Todd Phenneger writes:

> Well that makes me feel a little better.  Do you have any idea
> what my vaccum should be at idle?  I realize you have a Turbo but I assume
> you have had a NA engine at some time.  Maybe not though.

Still do - the Passat has an I5 engine in with the same head casting
as the ur-quattro MB.  Don't have a vacuum meter, though ...

Next time I meet up with one, I'll have a look.

> BTW, saw a picture of your car on someones Web-Page for the first
> time.  Looked very Black to me.  You should wash it more often. ;)  No
> seriously, it looked beautiful.  Dont know how you fit that Parts Fische
> reader in the back though.  Where did you put the tool kit.

Looks better now.  The front fenders, bonnet, spoiler and left rear fender
have been attended to by a fellow Club member who just happens to be a 
paint shop foreman.

The fiche reader folds down into a hermetically-sealed clamshell.
The problem is exacerbated by a full-size spare ...

The jump leads, jack, heavy gloves and a few other things go behind the
wheel.  The fiche reader is next, upright and against the tank.  The
main toolbox (51lbs) goes between the fiche viewer and the boot lip (no
funny bumper shocks on Euro cars) and the fuel injection/electricals go
on top of that.  Various spares bags and boxes tighten everything down.

> Thanks for the reply and if you know how to change or disable the
> Revlimiter on a NA car then let me know.

On post-1986 models - hydraulic tappets - it's a weight and spring in
the distributor rotor arm.  Cuts at around 6150 to 6350.

On the earlier ones, I _think_ it's in the fuel pump relay.  I seem to
remember people having low cut-out problems (around 4000 rpm) with
4-cylinder relays in 5-cylinder cars.

 Phil Payne
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