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Re: Audi service: Oh no, its that blond woman with the A6 again!

DOUBLDz@aol.com wrote:

> Also, sometimes I notice that for no reason, (not necessarily at 3rd gear) the
> gas pedal has this dead feel to it as I am accelerating and then it sort of
> goes whoom and picks up speed when it feels like it.

Pull the plastic shield off the top of the engine. At the back you willfind the
throttle body with the cruise vacuum module off to the driver's
side. Just in front of the large cruise vacuum module, you will see another
smaller vacuum module which controls two little pivots in the air intake
plenum (runners, tubes), this module activates at some certain vacuum (or
lack thereof) level at which point it opens up longer intake tubes, thereby
increasing torque and horsepower. I've seen the graph for the torque and
horsepower on these V6 engines and it has a very noticeable kink in it
right where that valve kicks open the longer intake tracts. Feels great
doesn't it?

> In general the car seems
> to have sluggish pickup from 0 to say 50ish, but after that it will just fly.
> Today, I found myself doing 80 on the highway, effortlessly...I have to watch
> that. Once I'm motoring, I can pass anybody with ease.

I've noticed the same thing. I've got a '93 90S, and it won't win very manystop
light races, but when I get out on the highway, look out. I had some fat
slob in a Lincoln tailgating me the other day. Lost him in traffic at one point,
then managed to get up to 75mph (in a 55 zone, not much traffic). Saw this jerk
coming up behind me pretty fast, didn't care to have him get in front of me, so
I stepped it down a little, I was up to 113mph in no time. Needless to say, that
Lincoln didn't have a chance, I would have loved to have seen the look on his
face as my little 90S just ran away from his overweight/underpowered Lincoln.

> Any suggestions gratefully appreciated.
> Dee
> 95A6q pearl

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