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UrQ Bad Bad Idle

In message <UPMAIL11.199807060150370348@classic.msn.com> "ANDREW FINNEY" writes:

> My Cold Control pressure is perfect, so is the hot control pressure.

3.45 to 3.75 bar with the vacuum hose attached, 2.75 to 3.05 with it

> My system pressure is 90 psi. Doesn't this seem high?

5.5 to 6.5 bar.

> As soon as the car goes open loop the rough idle starts and will stall the car
> unless revved. Hot idle is perfect,
> The rough idle will also happen upon hot start-up. When hot the duty cycle
> goes straight to a constant 50%. Then after 1 min it goes to constant 90%,
> then back to constant 50%, then to constant 90%, then it goes into open loop
> about 65% with fluctuation.  The bad idle occurs at the constant 50%. It idles
> very well at the 90% stages. Anyone have a thoughts?

OXS sensor?

> New items:
> CP regulator
> Fuel pump
> Injectors
> Cold Start Injector
> Pressure Accumulator
> Filters
> All new hoses, vacuum and pressure
> Tuned to spec w/ appropriate hoses disconnected and plugged

Don't see an OXS sensor.  Have you tested it separately?

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