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Pike's Peak sticker needed

Hi q-people,

I am in need of a new Pike's Peak sticker for my Urquattro.  The previous
sticker went with my 240hp A4, actually removed it before giving it away. 
I've tried to keep the quattros adorned here in Finland, but I've run out
of stickers.  The ones I had were about 2" x 5", not some huge bumper
stickers.  I purchased a whole pile back in 1989, but it seems that was
almost ten years ago...

If anyone has any or can get me any please let me know.  A number of you
have asked me what you could do for me in exchange for the microfiche I've
sent over the last year or so - here is your chance!

All kidding aside, I'll pay for the darn thing.

I am also looking for the factory "Double World Champion" sticker circa
1984/5.  This one I've got a lead on from the factory, we'll see how that
works out.

Jouko Haapanen
Pori, Finland