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Re: Thinking of purchasing

Hairy green toads from Mars made Chris Woodward say:

> I'm thinking of purchasing a 1990 80 from a individual in Miami, FL for
> my fiance' to replace her current car.  I have a few questions...
> 1st...  the car has 52k miles, which is very low for a 8 year old car.
> Any way to find out if the inst. cluster has been replaced or anything?
> 2nd.. It is owned by the manager of a pain & body shop, so obviously I'm
> going to have to see if it's been involved in a major collision.  Any
> services that anyone knows of to find out if it's ever been totaled?  I
> know this has been asked previously, but I don't rememeber seeing the
> answer.
> 3rd.. He's asking $4000/obo.  This seems low....especially for a 52k
> mile car.  I am thinking about offering him $3500 and see how this
> goes.  Would I be crazy not to buy it at this price if the odeometer
> checks out and the body is fairly straight?

You can give the VIN to Audi to find service history. If they show a date
for the 60K service, it probably doesn't have 52K on it.

I think (I am doing this now with my '95 A6QW) that they can also check
for accident repairs. You might also ask your insurance agent to find
out if the car has had any insurance claims.


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