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make up on your hood?

(some humorous potentially audi commentary)

I was at a party a couple of weekends ago, this and that happened, and my
ride left me sometime in the middle of the night while in Boulder (I live
~70 miles N of there). There were three girls I knew that lived at that
house, and one of them owns a 60 something mustang. She gave me a ride, and
over the course of our dialouge (sp?), she told me that she had some
candy-red nail polish. Wow! That would fix up those pesky scratches on the
candy red mustang, right? Yah! So she's painting little dings and scratches
on the hood, and feeling pretty stoked! It looked great!

now, 3 months later, it's faded to a 'faded industrial beige/grey' color,
and looks.. less than awesome. It'll have to be buffed out and repainted to
ever look right again. 

Hahaaha. That was hilarious! Only she could have come up with something
like that.. riiiight. 

So, if your daughter, wife, boyfriend (!), whatever, wants to touch up your
car with nail polish.. Just keep them away from Audi's at least.
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