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Re: Thinking of buying

>>>I'm thinking of purchasing a 1990 80 from a individual in Miami, FL for
my fiance' to replace her current car.  I have a few questions...
1st...  the car has 52k miles, which is very low for a 8 year old car.
Any way to find out if the inst. cluster has been replaced or anything?<<<

I don't know, folk down in Florida don't seem to drive alot. My Mom, has a old
Taurus with about 18K miles on it, everything is around the corner down there
; )

>>>2nd.. It is owned by the manager of a pain & body shop, so obviously I'm
going to have to see if it's been involved in a major collision.  Any
services that anyone knows of to find out if it's ever been totaled?  I
know this has been asked previously, but I don't rememeber seeing the

carfax.com, $12 bucks if you give them your credit card online, $20 if you do
it by mail, I think there is no charge if they don't find anything. Just as an
aside on this topic, I wrapped my less than year old Celica around a telephone
pole, $8500 damage to the car aside from medical etc. They fixed it. I drove
the car for six more years without incident and traded it in with over 140K

>>>I know this car isn't a quattro, but that's ok.  If I was buying another
Audi for myself, it would certainly be one now that I've dealt with my
non-Q A4 for a while.  But for her, a non-Q automatic sounds just

Whats the story here Chris? Your fiance' ....the future mother of your
children.....no quattro? : )

95 A6q pearl