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RE: Dot 3/Dot4 Mis

>From a mfg. point of view and a performance point of view (to get the max
out of it) you are correct (no argument), but in practice everybody mixes
it, same thing as mixing motor oil which is also a very bad idea.....but
everybody does it,
Thanks for replying,

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> From: Phoenix [mailto:trishab@mail.tds.net]
> Sent: Monday, July 06, 1998 6:57 AM
> To: Avi Meron
> Subject: Re: Dot 3/Dot4 Mis
> Avi Meron wrote:
> >
> > Trish,
> > 99% of dealers  (new car dealers) in the field, MIX brake
> fluids without a
> > problem, never heard of any (I see new dealers EVERY day), the
> mixing of DOT
> > 3 and DOT 4 does not seem to cause any problem, BTDT for many
> many years,
> > the only thing you have to watch for is DOT 5 also known as
> SILICONE brake
> > fluid, SHOULD NEVER BE MIXED with DOT 3 and 4......
> Avi...when I was racing full time, and buying from Cartel and Dow
> Chemical...they had advised us NEVER to mix different grades and they
> HAD had problems in the labs with coagulation.  THAT is why I said to
> check the containers.  Some of the compounds WERE changed so that you
> could mix the fluids.  However, NOT ALL manufacturers recommend
> mixing....(CARTEL still does not...especially if you are going to do any
> time of competition.)  I caution people always ....never know who may
> ...on the spur of the moment....may want to autocross or whatever.  I
> definately agree on the DOT 5 and any other grade issue.....but my point
> was...check the label.  Always check the label when you mix
> Trish