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RE: Don't Rotate The Tires?!

I guess I get to be the one to state what nobody else wants to
bother with: of course you rotate the tires after you get new
ones!  The 7500-mile rotation is supposedly at the right point
in the tread life for a rotation for a dealer-serviced car with
factory tires.  At least, that's my guess.

> Two weeks ago I picked up my newly purchased '96 A6 Quattro. The salesman
> told me many things I already knew, except one. He said that Audi suggests
> rotating the tires at 7500 miles, then never again.
> This seems wrong to me, so I checked the service schedule. Sure
> enough, it's
> mentioned at 7500 miles, then never again. Is this right? What about when
> you put new tires on the car? I'm really confused.