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Re: Fwd: Headlight brilliance

In a message dated 7/7/98 Sandy Duffy <sandyduffy@home.com> writes:

<< <much snippage> If you can't afford the proper solution, PARK the car! >>

The "proper solution" is free, and it is not "PARK the car!". No matter what
kind of lights you have...o.e. DOT Audi garbage or Phil's Le Mans lights, the
"proper solution" is not to drive beyond your lights is it not? Admittedly
there will be a huge speed difference so if you wanna run fast at night on
poorly lit roads you best upgrade what Audi put on there for the US market.
Diddling with the adjustment screws and blinding others is not the answer, but
then "PARK the car!" isn't either. If the car was built to comply with DOT
rules circa 1980's--just don't over-run your headlights...it really is that

I have put several hundred thousand cumulative miles on 7 different DOT
headlight equipped Audis over the past 10 years and while I admit the lights
suck, have never had a situation where I felt like I needed to "PARK" the car
for lack of illumination...I do however lust after a lighting upgrade for
faster (safe) travel in darkness and have that on my "wish list" for my
present 5ktq. However I have no intention of parking it and find that it is
perfectly safe at night on CA. freeways at 80 or so...fast enough for me.

In light of all the jabs back and forth (pun intended) on the list of late I
felt it a good idea to try and instill some common sense on this lighting
issue..no flames intended.

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq (with dim DOT lighting...will be upgraded someday, but driven until