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Re: drunks et al

Phil Payne wrote:

> I know the remark was flippant, but I have to note disagreement.

It was in that I never drive after drinking.  My fiance' was almost killed
by a drunk driver.

> The really dangerous thing about a drunk driver is not all the physical
> effects that it produces, but the delusion that these are unimportant.
> A sober driver hit by the sort of disability that a drunk driver has
> would immediately pull over, recognising they were not safe.

Not true.  I and many others I know have driven many miles dead tired EVEN
after nearly falling asleep.  You just think, "ok, I won't let that happen

> This is the great danger - people go into bars knowing that drunk
> driving is dangerous, and come out with a skinful thinking it's really
> not that awful and anyway they're not badly affected ...

I agree, alcohol takes away judgement 1st.  I don't know anyone that hasn't
at least once had a few beers and then thought that they were okay to
drive.  The difference is that some of us have enough willpower to refrain

I wasn't trying to say that DUI is better than driving tired or vice-versa,
just agreeing that they are comparable.

'97 A4ta
'90 80a (soon)