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Re: drunks et al

Chris Woodward <cwoodwar@bellsouth.net> writes:

  I completely agree.  Used to date a girl that lived around 1 hr away.
>I'd leave her place late at night, or rather early in the morning.
>Anyways, I nearly fell asleep behind the wheel tons of times.  Looking
>back, this scares the shi* out of me.  I could have been killed or worse,
>killed somebody.  I think I could drive better after a few beers than when
>in this state!

What is it with girls and sleep anyway?

I used to drive from the NYC area to Buffalo on Friday evenings, after
work, to visit, you guessed it, a girl. I remember one time I was so
tired...I remember thinking to myself "I'll just close my eyes for a few


I really did this. And I didn't die. And I didn't kill anyone. And I didn't
marry her.

Now I pull over at a rest stop, turn off the engine, lock the doors and nap
till I'm ready to go again. And I have a lovely wife and 2 kids and a
mortgage. See what sleep will get you? :)

Lee Levitt
wheelman @ shore.net
webmaster, http://www.wheelman.com - kewl stuff for gearheads :)
1990 Audi 200T, 85K
1995 Range Rover County LWB, 72K
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