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delta vs gamma

I've noticed a few comments on the list regarding bose, delta, and gamma
factory radio setups.  Does anyone know the difference between the delta and
gamma radios?  I'm  talking non-bose here.  My Audi Delta unit is beginning
to head south.  At this point, I'm not interested in spending a lot of money
into the radio.  Down the road I suppose I'll replace the factory stuff with
aftermarket.  My question: Will replacing the delta unit with a rebuilt
gamma unit (say from a '91, '92, or '93) make any difference at all, i.e.,
is power different, hookups, useability, etc.  Or is it a wash?

Second question:  For any of the aftermarket units, say a decent blaupunkt,
is it possible to wire it so that the radio station displays on the readout
between the speedo and tach, as the factory units do?  We're talking '91
200TQ here.

Thanks in advance for the expertise out there.

- Jim