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Re: Steel plugs in aluminum!

"Douglas Hurst Quebbeman" <dougq@iglou.com> wrote:
> I pressed the bolt into the plug as far as possible (make sure all the
> grit and gunk is out of the plug's hex insie), put a wrench on the outer
> nut on my makeshift tool, and smack down on the wrench in the loosening
> direction with a hammer. Repeated whacks got it loose so that the wrench
> could finish up.

On the outer nut?  Wouldn't it theoretically come off (the nut) if the 
plug is tight enough?

> If this doesn't work, and you have to drill it out, make sure to put lots
> of grease on the plug and the drill bit to catch the loose bits of metal.

Yes!  This is what I'm going to have to do.  Do you think there is enough 
room in there to do this with the tranny still on the car?  I'd have to 
get a cordless drill, unless there is a better tool I can use.  How's 
about some kind of right angle drill?  I don't have a compressed air 
source, does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks a bunch!