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Mixing Motor Oil

To:   quattro

Avi was saying:

"" mixing motor oil which is also a very bad idea""


Is it really a VERY bad idea.....I'm not convinced....is this another

Anecdotal tests in my last 8 cars would indicate otherwise...including the
last two, which were sold with engines in tip top shape at
250,000 + miles.

In my motor at present is RedLine 20w-50, Last Top off with Mobil 1 20w-50
and just to clear the week before drain Valvoline Racing 50w....
     and I am not afraid lo these many oils.  Why?   Well, the RedLine was
great, reduced my constant since my purchase pint per 1000mile
     consumption by over 30%, but then it got older and I decided to cheap
out with the Mobil 1 since the oil was getting tired and closer
     to change....a little low this week and changing in a few days so I
dumped in the 50w since the old oil is probably thinner now.

Besides, it gives me a chance to play Mister Wizard and wear the chrome
Merlin helmet :-)

Paul "always distinguishable from normal people" Royal