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Re: Fwd: Headlight brilliance

Well, the aux. driving lights are legal.  [8^)  With the headlights, you
can't even tell 'cause they're so weak.  The blue bulb color doesn't help
much, either.  Hey, if you want to read a good article on driving/fog
lights, pick up a copy of June's European Car.  It's the one with the A6
Avant on the cover.


On Tue, 7 Jul 1998 10:32:12 -0700 "Ken Keith" <auditude@impulsedata.net>
>tsal2@juno.com (Timothy C Salazar II) wrote:
>> I own a `86 Coupe GT.  Same crappy lights.  I put in 85/100 H-4 
>> They look great, work great, and are 100% legal in CA, at least.  
>Are you sure these are street legal?  I thought H4's were not DOT 
>anywhere in the U.S.

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