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Re: V8 5 Speed the best Quattro ever made

Howard Dinits wrote:
>>I am selling the most sought after Quattro of all. The V8 Quattro 5 Speed.
>>Price is $20.5k

As others have pointed out, it is a debatable point whether this is the
most desirable Q of all or not. At $20.5k, presumably in US$, it seems like
it is overpriced by a factor of two. Maybe the local market conditions in
your area are very different. If so, I have a 1990 QV8 which I bought two
years ago for C$14.8k with about 80k miles on it which I could be convinced
to part with for only US$10k:) The car was in excellent condition and well
maintained by the one and only previous owner and has been well maintained
since I purchased it. While I certainly enjoy driving manual gearbox
equipped cars, I cannot say that I miss having a 5 speed in my car. In any
case, I do not think one year newer and a 5 speed justifies a $10k premium
over my car.

As for those who started the "my 20V TQ is faster than the V8" thread, all
I can say is, there is no substitute for cubic inches. The V8 has far more
performance potential than the I5 and the I5 is certainly no slouch. I know
a fellow who sells Audis and Porsches for a living. He told me about a wild
ride he went on in a twin turbo (700 hp) factory prepared V8 in Germany and
this fellow, who has driven his fair share of fast Porsches, was in
complete awe. The car was completely streetable and in true Q ship form, a
real sleeper.

Luckily for those who would like to own one, the V8 is one of the best kept
secrets out there so resale values are lower than they would be for say a
used Lexus LS400 of the same vintage. Admittedly, the V8 requires a little
more care and feeding than the average car. The turbos are not exactly
maintenance free either. Before I bought my car, I looked at a lot of
Audis. To a one, anything with a turbo had the life beaten out of it
including an interesting silver/maroon Quattro Coupe.

Check out <http://www.avantgarde-prestige.de/a1/iste.htm> for a really
interesting V8.


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