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Re: Headlight brilliance

Hello All,

	First of all, I don't believe that anyone
could/would/should start a war over the Truth about
the 4k series "pathetic stock U.S. DOT headlamps". I
agree totally.
	Secondly, does anyone have the part numbers
for the Euro lens for my deficient 1986 4000CSq ?
I am looking for the Cibie, Hella, and Bosch
specifically but any info is helpful.

Dennis Whitson II

P.S. I did search the archive with the search motor
and found info only on non-4000/80 cars.

Luis Marques wrote:
> Not to start a war here or anything, but I sincerely doubt you could
> blind any person with the pathetic stock U.S. DOT headlamps on the 4k's and
> Coupe GT's ;)  Furthermore, I doubt many people would even realize it if you
> left the high beams on!  Especially with the latest ultra-bright (and anoying)
> headlamps from GM, etc. as a point of reference.
> In fact, the first upgrade I did to my 4kq years ago when I got it was to
> re-aim the headlamps by trial and error, not the 'by the book' method.  And
> guess what - not a single car complained.  Not even my friends when I was
> following them.  The second best upgrade short of adding auxiliary lamps or
> euro lighting is to swap the lightbulbs for 9007 units.  Cheap and you end up
> with more wattage and a better focused beam pattern that actually lights the
> road and not the surrounding folliage.  The low's are now almost acceptable,
> but the hi's are still "medium" as James Marriot calls them.  It's not a
> direct bolt-on, but is easy and has been covered a few times before.  I'm sure
> someone has a link to the FAQ to do this.
> Luis Marques
> '87 4kcsq
> "Rob Winchell" <rbw@avs.com> wrote:
> > So, you're going to be happily blinding other drivers by aiming your
> > lights too high? That doesn't sound like a great solution.
> >
> > Rob Winchell
> > 91 200Q
> > 87 4kCS
> >
> > > From: owner-quattro@coimbra.ans.net
> > >
> > > ...inspected next month, the lights are discovered to be aimed too
> > > high, I will notice the number of "turns" taken off the adjuster
> > > screws, and promptly put them back on when I get the car home.
> > > When I have the opportunity and spare cash to put into driving
> > > lights, I will attempt to install them below the bumper, hopefully
> > > within an opening in the air dam.  Until then, I will let my
> > > screwdriver make the necessary change rather than my check-book for
> > > euro-lights.
> > >       very respectfully,
> > >       markbyrum@erols.com