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Re: radiator

Mike- It looks like this hot weather is causing lots of cooling concerns. I
just went thru some trouble shooting on the fan operation on my V8 only to
find out nothing is wrong(?). To answer your question re the resistors, the
board on the V8 was mounted to the AC condenser. Access was thru the wheelwell
with splash guard removed . On the V8 there are three fan speeds, the highest
automaticaly comes on when the AC is turned on. There are two temp sensors
which otherwise control fan mode. On the V8 ,the one on the radiator outlet
appears to be the controlling element. I did not try and cheat the engine
sensor  with a resistor to determine its function because of accessibilty.
They may both be utilized in some sort of OR logic. The sensors on the V8 have
an inscription on them stating 130 deg C operating limit. A good sensor should
read 360 ohms cold. A 100 ohm resistor will cause my fan to run first at med
then high speed. I am still perplexed as to why all of a sudden  my car is
operating at 85 vs 75 deg C . According to the list wisdom however this is
normal(?).I hope this helps.
Frank Santoro
1990 V8