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Steel plugs in aluminum

  The rear diff. seals on my 4kq were leaking pretty bad and I needed to pull
the plug to fill the diff.  I managed to mangle it pretty bad, to the point
that there was no hope of getting it out.  I finally had to drop the passenger
side axle shaft, pull the diff. cover, drill it, heat it, and use an easy-out.
Worked like a charm.  
  I don't know that I would drill the plug in the trans., but what you might
want to try is heating it and then trying to loosen it, assuming it's still in
a condition such that you can get a hex socket or something in it.  I used a
little hand held torch, but it wasn't propane, it was mapp gas, whatever that
is.  All I know is, it's hotter than propane.  Any Home Depot should have it.
Heated the crap out of it and the plug came right out.  
Bryan Carter