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Re: Steel plugs in aluminum!

> Thanks!  That's great info.  For some reason, good stuff like this takes
> a few revisitings of the topic before they surface.
> One question tho':  I only have a front differential on my Coupe GT,
> right?  So, then does my car need the 3.2 litre amount, or is there a
> different capacity for FWD cars?
> p.s.  Is there an easy way to tell (from my computer ;-) ) which tranny
> I have?  It's an '86 Coupe GT, late '85 build date. 013? 093?

Hmm, slightly older bentley (80-83) says 013 2.0 liters, 093 2.35.  This
is for 2wd coupe... now how do you tell them apart?  One thing for sure,
the 093 is geared lower.  And I think the 093 was introduced in '83. 
Wish I could give you more certainty...

When is youse gonna buy youself a bentley, anyway?  You sound like you
could sure take advantage of it.  great investment.

Huw Powell