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Eurolights-battery post

> I recall that the engine compartment auxiliary
>battery terminal (+) is in the way due to the deeper profile of the 
>Has anyone found a reasonable new home for this?  

(not my idea - I read it on the list or Miller's site)  I moved mine aft 
about an inch, so the foremost hole lines up with the aftmost hole in 
the windshield washer fluid reservoir.

Still haven't put in those relays, been a little preoccupied.  Noticed 
on my maiden cruise up north the headlight switch gets a little warm, 
even through the plastic cover.  Better get to that.

Someone was working on a dual-filament socket for the turn-signal lights 
in the bumper, any progress?  My DOT corners didn't fit on my euros.  
Some sort of markers would be nice, or I'll switch my 20watt halogen 
city lights for much smaller ones.  They're too bright for fog and snow, 
or entering military installations.

Scott Miller
Holland/Selfridge ANGB, Michigan
'90 200tqw

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