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Re: Rolling Dyno Question

Mark Nelson wrote:
> Due to the nature of how extremely expensive four wheel dynos are, I would
> doubt that a state government could afford one.  There is only one that I
> know of in the country (on the west coast), owned by a major Porsche tuner,
> that I can't remember the name of (no, it's not Andial...they use a REAL
> dyno; i.e. an engine dyno ;-).

Chris Hanlon wrote:
> I believe that it may be PowerHaus.  They have dyno'd a 993 turbo.
> Whether or not they actually own the dyno I don't know.
> Mark is probably correct in saying that state governments can't afford 4
> wheel dynos.

I still maintain that there is no 4 wheel dyno in the Americas.
These are my thoughts exactly... way too much cost involved... a two wheel dyno
would be much more plausible, but my friend is "positive"... (I am having less
and less faith in his "positivity"...)
Can anyone in CT positively support or refute this claim???

btw, the dyno which Powerhaus uses is a Dyno Jet Model 248E (two wheel)
on the AWD turbos they dyno, they remove the front drive and get the reading off
of the rear wheels...