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Audi with blown motor FS in GA

>From the Triumphs list:

Date: Wed, 1 Jul 1998 21:14:02 -0400
From: vitesse@juno.com
Subject: '86 Audi parts available

Yeah, yeah, yeah....I know that this isn't the Audi list ( is there such
a thing? )

I'm going to pick up an '86 Audi 4 door tomorrow.  The body is very
interior pretty nice.  New radiator, tires and brakes.  Auto trans and a
blown motor.  Almost too nice to part out.

Anyone interested?

I'll sell whole ( preferred ) or parts.  Car is just south of Atlanta

..Hey Joe, want to start an Audi door collection too? <VBG>

Sorry for the intrusion ...back to Triumph talking..

Hugh R. McAleer
Jonesboro, GA>>>>>

No personal interest, no other info, etc.

Bill Elliott
Lake Mills, WI