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audi buys a factory

In message <0D1316C4DFFED0118B990000F804E8BC267EE4@MOENT1.MINEDU.GOVT.NZ> Eaton Dave writes:

> audi has, according to the news, purchased the toms factory (ex john
> barnard and toyota) in england "for use in it's le mans program".  it is
> a state-of-the-art motorsport factory which toyota/barnard built for
> toyota's f1 effort.

Bodes well.  Audi Sport's present facilities are little more than what
we call a lock-up garage.   I suspect that when both cars and the trucks
are out on BTCC meetings, they needn't even lock up behind them -
there's nothing left to steal.

 Phil Payne
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