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RE: Rolling Dyno Question

> Mark Nelson wrote:
> > Due to the nature of how extremely expensive four wheel dynos are, I
> would
> > doubt that a state government could afford one.  There is only one that
> I
> > know of in the country (on the west coast), owned by a major Porsche
> tuner,
> > that I can't remember the name of (no, it's not Andial...they use a REAL
> > dyno; i.e. an engine dyno ;-).
... the government doesn't have to pay for them at all ... the people who
get the inspections do!  :(

> I still maintain that there is no 4 wheel dyno in the Americas.
> These are my thoughts exactly... way too much cost involved... a two wheel
> dyno
> would be much more plausible, but my friend is "positive"... (I am having
> less
> and less faith in his "positivity"...)
> Can anyone in CT positively support or refute this claim???
... they are one step away from having them in California ... I thought they
were already in place in Colorado.  In California there was a major backlash
both from the people and the smog testers ... so we're on a temporary

Remember that these don't have to be fully equipped dynos ... all they need
to do is allow all 4 wheels to turn and apply a load.  I doubt that they
would have the output power measurement goodies ... since that is probably
what you were looking for, the answer is likely to still be no ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)