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Re: NAPA ???

> Ok, how do so many of you find so many good parts at NAPA?  All the NAPA
> stores I've ever seen (I'm in Massachusetts) are just crappy, old,
> understocked neighborhood auto parts stores that bought franchise rights to
> use the NAPA name.   
> Custom hose manufacturing?  Special application tools?  Forget about it!   I'd
> be lucky to find a replacement oil filter in these stores. 
> Are NAPA stores in other parts of the country any different?

Well, yes and no... yes, they do custom hoses, no, they never seem to be able
to do the custom hoses *I* need... yes, they have metric nuts and bolts, no,
they are all class 8.8, not grade 10.9; yes, they do have special tools, some
are Lisle, some carry the NAPA name; I bought my CV joint bandclip pliers at
NAPA. Full line of paints, glues, chemicals, etc. Not so much variety of 
cleaning supplies (go to AutoZone or Pep Boys for that stuff).

The NAPA closest to me seems to have been one of the "crappy, old, understocked
neighborhood auto parts stores" you mention. But they are in a bigger building
and have more stock since they went NAPA about 15 years ago.

The NAPA in the city where I work (just a few minutes away) also has a machine 
shop. After blueprinting the engine for my first Audi, a 100LS, I took it to 
them to do the machine work. The machinist working there back then now has his
own shop, and I go there instead.

And w/r/t oil filters, I have decided if it doesn't say MANN, MAHLE, KNECHT,
BOSCH, or AUDI on it, it's not going on my car! So NAPA's out...

hth, -doug q
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