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RE: Audi ad in WSJ


Maybe you can answer this -- I'm also throwing this out to others on the

My 5KCS TQ seems to be some type of 'limited edition' and I was wondering
if you knew about them.

It's the pearl color, but it has the Fuchs Porsche-type rally ruims that
appear on the Ur and Sport Quatttros (I think!) back in the 80s.  I have
only seen one other car (5ktq) with these rims -- anyway, it also has a
sticker above the right rear triangular back window -- above the 'quattro'
decal that says 'Audi Sport -- Winner 1998 Trans Am ally' or something to
that affect and it has the Audi Sport emblem in grey and brown -- the
rectangle that look like it's shifted sideways like the S4 emblem.

Do you know if this denotes any special edition Quattro?  Just wondering.
It also just appears to be much more aggressive looking than some of the
other TQs I've seen -- for instance, it has the deep rectangular grooves in
the hood and what appears to be a lower front spoiler.

Anyway, I think all late-model 5ktqs and 200tqs have that hood if 'm not



87 5KCSTQ 0
85 4KSQ
82 VW CAbrio