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Re: Eurolights-battery post

>> > I recall that the engine compartment auxiliary
>> >battery terminal (+) is in the way due to the deeper profile of the euros.
>> >Has anyone found a reasonable new home for this?
>Don't need to.
>In my 100Q, the euros don't clear the windshield washer fluid
>bottle, so I relocated that to the old holder on the firewall.
>The battery post can stay. I just took the original bottle out,
>and had at it with a hacksaw, leaving the post and enough plastic
>to hold it in place firmly and bolt onto the chassis.
>There isn't much choice in relocating this, since there isn't
>any slack in the cable. Bolting it directly to the frame would
>seem to be a *B*A*D* idea....

With 200-style lights on the '89 and later cars, you can relocate the
battery post backwards by just enough to clear (and so you can still open
the cap, although there's no way you can get jumper cables in there) by
using only two of the four mounting holes.  Check out
http://www.mindspring.com/~audidudi/HTML/Eurolights.htm to see how I did it
on my '89 200q.

However, with 100-style lights on a post-'89 car, you will have to relocate
the battery post bracket since the lights are too deep.  When I installed
them on my father's '91 100, I ended up relocating both the horns (they were
mounted above and behind the OEM headlight) as well as the battery post
bracket ... in both cases, I used existing mounting holes: The battery post
was moved to the vertical piece of sheet metal just inside the light and the
horns were moved further toward the center of the car and mounted to a
bracket I fab'ed from some used CV curved washers/spacers that I had lying
around.  (I haven't gotten around to scanning those pictures, yet.)

On my mother's '87 5k, the 100-style lights fit just fine although I do
recall having to "tweak" the bracket a little bit ... check out
http://www.mindspring.com/~audidudi/HTML/Eurolights2.htm for some photos
taken during that installation.
All in all, none of these jobs was particularly difficult.  In each case,
wiring up the relays/harness took up more time than physically installing
the lights.  IMO, it's well worth both the effort and/or money!  :^)

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