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Re: Steel plugs in aluminum!

"Douglas Hurst Quebbeman" <dougq@iglou.com> wrote:
> > On the outer nut?  Wouldn't it theoretically come off (the nut) if the 
> > plug is tight enough?
> Sorry, mental slip, Actually on the inner nut hanging out a bit onto the
> outer nut as well (since wrench is thicker than the nuts).

Ah so.  I was thinkin', "Damn, he must be tightening those nuts pretty 
hard for them to stay!" ;-)

> Would not have a clue about the clearance... I'm working with a rear diff
> sitting on the kitchen floor.

I'm jealous.  Consider yourself "lucky".  (You're even lucky enough to be 
able to have some downtime in your car.  Mine's a fix before Monday 
morning for work type of deal!)
> I think someone else mentioned the most important step- cleaning every
> trace of road grit, grease, and/or other detritus that's inside the
> plug's hex insie cap. I think most mangling happens due to not seating
> the tool inside fully due to the presence of nasty stuff.

Yeah, I'm way past that point.  The inside corners of my hex nut are 
split, three of the "walls" are gone (broken off flush with the depth), 
and the other three are bent out (these would break too if I could hold 
the wrench against them, but I can't 'coz there's no other walls!)

It's a baaaad situation, as you can see.  (Lesson:  do not overtighten!)
> Good luck!  -doug q 

I sure need it!

Thanks a bunch,


p.s.  Doug, I tried to send you this, but I got this message:

"The address 'dougq@iglou.com' could be either and SMTP or an MHS address.
Please use an IN: or MHS: override on the address so WinPMail knows where
to send it."

What the heck does that mean?  I'm using Pegasus, so who knows...
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