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My 1996 A6 Quattro Avant for sale

Hi Guys!
If anyone is interested in a family hauler.. I'd like to post this =
message that my car
is for sale.  We're buying a Land Cruiser for more space. =20
1996 A6 Quattro Wagon:  Pearl White, Black Leather, Auto Trans.  19,500 =
miles.  This car is flawless.  Not a single dent, scratch or mark.  No =
paint work - never been hit.  Driven by my wife.  16inch 5-spoke Audi =
wheels, has a voice activated hands free Motorola phone, pre-wired for =
CD, Bose Stereo, heated memory seats with moonroof and remote locking, =
quattro all-wheel drive, luggage rack.  Full Audi free maintenance =
warranty until August of 1999.  Asking $28,000, but I will consider all =
offers; www.edmunds.com lists $29,414 for market value.

I Live near Chicago, one hour from O'hare

Stephen Pitts