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RE: Audi ad in WSJ


Don't mean to burst your bubble, but I don't think they made any
"commemerative edition" 5KTQ's.  I had a pearl white TQ with pearl
painted fuchs rims as well.  That is not a special edition, but it was
an option package, and fairly rare.  So, consider yourself lucky to have
one of those.  The AudiSport decals were available throught the dealer
and a few other sources back in the 80's and many Audi fanatics put them
on thier cars.  Seen many, in fact a friend of mine has that exact decal
in the same place on his car, and he put it there himself.  

BTW, I heard that the option of the pearl white paint and fuchs alloy
rims was something like $3,500 or something rediculous like that!

Hope this helps.