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Re: competition report

My experience (including measuring with a GtechPro, but no drag strips) has
always been that:

a) Mercs are good at getting their power to the ground, and so with a
slushbox, _consistent_ acceleration is an easy task

b) Often, Mercedes acceleration claims are somewhat conservative, while
Audi's are conversely often a bit optimistic

BTW, when you say "Mercedes 320" do you mean the E-class or the CLK? Surely
you don't mean the S6 had a problem against an ML? :-)


...who just wishes the maintenance costs of his 4-year-old S4 were as low as
on his wife's 10-year-old MB 300CE...

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From: Robert Myers <rmyers@inetone.net>

>Hi Y'all,
>Apparently the Mercedes 320 is a pretty decent car.  I stoped beside one at
>a light on the final leg on way home last night.  It turned into a (ahem)
>demonstration of acceleration capabilities.  The S6 ended up ahead but not
>by a whole lot.
>   Bob