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RE: Subject: RE: 88 5KTQ 'accordian' -- WTF?

Nope. 5KTQ engine air intake is behind the grille on the pass side, via a snorkel and into the air filter box. Pass compartment air enters its airbox at the base of the windscreen under the hood on either side of that easily broken thin black plastic cover that just loves to collect leaves and other road debris.


Glen wrote:
Nope, not the alternator cooling hose. My fault, I should have thought =
to mention that it's not this one. This accordian thang is like ~12" =
wide and like ~6" high, is black and is mounted between the rear of the =
front bumper and the front of the chassis on the driver's side on US =
Don't have my parts fiche handy for layout etc.; doesn't the 5kqt take the
intake air out of the front bumper assembly?  Driver's side; would that be air
intake into the bumper, with passenger side being where the air enters the
airbox?  Would this provide a "ram air" effect, and allow rain etc. to drop
out before entering the box?