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Re: drunks et al

>In Germany, you're "drunk in charge of a motor vehicle" if you have
>keys and the papers on you.  You do not need to be anywhere near the
>car.  Paragraph 218 of the BGB.
>Go on - ask me how I know ...

Ok Phil,

How-do-you-know? As far as I know, in Germany you can do anything with
the car but not put the key into the ignition lock when you're drunk.
And drunk is 0.5 thousandth in the meantime.
When I think of my younger days *oh my* I often laid on the
passenger's seat sleeping happily after a few beers on a party,
snoring in the sleeping-bag and all windows fogged up. I think this is
less dangerous than walking home.

I'll have a look at my mother's BGB at the weekend...

Greetings from Marbach, Germany,

_/_/_/_/_/ pepe@z.zgs.de \_\_\_\_\_