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RE: 88 5KTQ 'accordian' -- WTF?

OK guys, many good suggestions but after having torn my "black
accordian" (or should it be accordion, since he's not really the
player...?) earlier this year (had to get to the inside of the aluminum
bumper to tighten nuts for my driving lights), I know what it is.

Correctly as someone stated it is a gasket. It helps creating a
channel/duct that guides air to the radiator and prevents the "over
pressure" from blowing off to the right side, inside the bumper. I agree
it is a VERY strange contraption for that, but I tore it out and later
blocked the "path" with some closed cell foam. I guess in this heat,
Audi need all the help they can get with the radiator "off-set".

I thought for a long time that it had something to do with ventilation
to the alternator but no. When it comesto that, I seriously wonder if
there's any ventialtion. The duct from the alternator goes into the body
cross member frame but there no holes that allows air to get into the

Fianlly, anyone have a good way of taking out the sunroof? Interior
cloth on the sunroof panel is starting to fall down and I need to glue
it back in place. By the way, it is a mechanical sunroof.

P-O Selander, Dallas, TX
89 100E
91 300ZXTT (for sale)