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Passat vs A4

Go test drive them back to back, as I did last week. I found the suspension on
the Passat scary, and both cars had the same tires and wheels (local dealer
idea). My '93 S4 with ready-to-be-thrown-out struts and bushings (since
changed) drove much better than the Passat and much worse than the A4. So the
upgrade to the suspension might come to $1000. or so.

Also it won't be a quattro, since the engine is transversely mounted,
requiring the synchro set-up. Present plans for the synchro in the US are V6
Wagons (only available in AWD) and V6 Sedans(AWD optional), none listed in the
'98 Passat brochure for the 1.8T. Base price on the FWD V6 Passat is ~$25,500.
So add at least $1600. for Synchro, plus cost of suspension, probably other
option loaded on, and you still have less of a car than the A4 1.8T for more
money! V6 though.

This info can be read in the magazine CARS which discusses the differences.

Present auction prices for '96 A4 2.8's are $18-21.5k, so when they try to
sell them for $26k that usually 5k+ profit to the Used Car Guy!!!


Jonathan Fenton
Waterbury, VT
'93 S4sIA3 now Eibach/Bilstien sports